5 Legal Sites To Read Books Online for free.

Legal sites to get Free eBooks
Legal sites to get Free eBooks

Who does not love free things? I know I do. I always look for a way out of paying for anything! So here are my top 5 free sites from where I get novels and eBooks, in no particular order.

Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg

It has a library of over 60,000 free eBooks. One can choose among free epub and Kindle eBooks. You can download them or read them online. It is best for classical novels.

Pros: Free, no signup needed, can save eBooks to cloud storing services like Google Drive and Dropbox, books are categorized easily for easy browsing in “bookshelves”

Cons: Limited titles


I just started using this one. It’s got more than 50,000 eBooks and it hosts a various collection for books in different formats. It is one of my favourite sites actually.

Pros: Easy browsing, can be read offline, Lots of format options

Cons: Have not seen any yet.

Pdf Drive
PDF Drive

As the name goes, you download pdfs of any book you want. You can also download other formats like EPUB, MOBI, and TXT etc. Currently they have about 83 million eBooks available for download. Textbooks, self-help books, Classic literature, Name it. They have got at least some popular titles.

Pros: Small size PDF downloads, Offline, no download limits, you do not need to sign up and best of all no ads.

Cons: You may not find some titles.

Free e-books
Free E-books

There is a wide range of good literary works of nonfiction, academic texts and fiction as well. You do need to sign up.

Pros: Rich collection of books, audio books too.

Cons: Can seem cluttered, 5 eBook download limit per month.


This offers more rare content created by independent authors and publishers all over the world. It has over 540,000 books of which 84,665 books are free. Make sure you click the “free” Tab before searching for a book.

Pros: You can publish your literary works on this platform

Cons: Limited titles.

In case you have any sites, do share in the comment section!

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