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Daily positive affirmation: 6th January, 2020

Love your everything

There are days when you look in the mirror and you’re like, “No, this is not it.” Whether it’s your face, or your stomach or your thighs, it should be it. Sometimes we feel pressured to look a certain way, and it is understandable but you should not let it define you.

Do you know what your body is doing for you? Your heart is pumping blood to every part, your legs get you from one place to another, your hands lift stuff and so on. I don’t think you want me to get into the whole job our body does. So how about for a moment you stop obsessing about how your body isn’t working out for you and you love it?

If you tell your body you love it, it will automatically improve the way you want it to. Growth needs love.

To your health ❤

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Daily positive affirmation: 5th January, 2020

Set standards that make you comfortable.

Many at times, we find ourselves going beyond our limits just to make someone else comfortable. Even if it makes us depressed or even though we are not okay with it.

Today, I am here to let you know that you are allowed to set your own boundaries; say no, turn down the social appointment, refuse to wear the clothes that will make you “fit” in. Whatever it is that doesn’t resonate with your peace of mind is not within your range and should go.

I am not telling you to stay in your comfort zone. No. Do what makes your spirit grow. Happy healing.

To your health

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Daily positive affirmation: 4th January 2020

Value and love yourself enough to appreciate yourself

All mental health issues, even though they start off with different reasons, end up having one thing in common and that is: self love. You need to love yourself in order to appreciate yourself enough.

For example, it can be small milestones. Give yourself credit for getting through one day of school, finishing a weekly diet, you got through work without getting a panic attack, that’s all great. Cheer yourself on. Remember, you’re your number one support system so be kind to yourself.

To your health

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Daily positive affirmation: 3rd January, 2020

Positive self comparison goes along way in making one better.

In my earlier posts, I once mentioned “comparison will kill you.” And that is still what I stand by, but what if it was positive comparison? What if you compared yourself to your younger self? The self that let in toxic people? The self that put up with abuse? The self that wallowed in self pity? If you look within yourself right now, have you grown? Have you stopped putting up with toxic relationships? How far have you come with turning down negativity?

If it’s a long way, then kudos! When you compare yourself with you, you grow within yourself.

On this day, I hope you flourish. Happy new year!

To your health.

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Daily positive Affirmation.

Compliment yourself.

This is all part of self love. Compliment yourself as you would a friend or a lover. Look in the mirror and voice out:

“You’re beautiful, you’re worthy, you’re loved and you’re enough. “

Doing this every morning can boost one’s self esteem and confidence.

To your health ❤

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Daily Positive Affirmation

Give it time.

Beginnings are always hard, my love. Whether you are starting a new year of school, decided to switch your job, have moved to a new town, or ended or began a relationship, the first days, weeks, or even months are going to be hard. But that is completely okay. It doesn’t mean that you are doing the wrong thing. Your life is changing, maybe even drastically changing, of course you will need some time to get used to it. Do not judge yourself or the situation based on how overwhelmed, stressed, lonely or sad you may feel in the beginning. Give it time. Eventually you will adjust and you will feel that you made the right decision. Do not give up yet – hang in there, for you might not be far from happiness.